Saturday, September 26, 2009

Changing Of the Seasons.

I'm having trouble letting go of SUMMER !!!! I love to see the changing of the Seasons I didn't get any pictures of Spring when Mother Earth starts waking up the flowers and trees because at that time we had ice all over. ( But i like this picture ) Summer. My Rose bushes didn't die on me.

Fall watching the trees change, building leaf piles ( my niece Mercedes )

Winter. Snow covering my bamboo. I only have a small patch hopefully it will spread next year.


  1. What a neat picture of the bamboo.

    Yes... I am sad to see Summer go, but I love Fall too! Goodbye humidity! Hello 50's and 60's (just not 40's and 30's!)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, birthday girl!!!!

    (how old are you now....40?)

    Hope you had a great one:)