Saturday, October 10, 2009

If Season's had a flavor, what would it be ?

I was relaxing after work the other day, talking to the kids and finding out how there day went when we got on the subject of seasons. I think I commented on how beautiful the trees looked outside. My 13 year old Karma said she loved fall it tasted like apples I said ummm okay, she replied no mom really if seasons had a flavor fall would taste like an apple it's crisp. My 7 year old Robert said he liked summer it tasted like the water in Grandma's swimming pool, so I said well honey if you didn't drink half the pool water I'm sure summer would taste different, his response was no I think your wrong mom of course I had to tell him MOMS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ( I can't believe I said that ) the smile on my mom's face was blinding. My 4 year old niece Sierra was over and not to be left out she said When the white stuff falls ohhh winter you mean she replied that's what I said Aunt Lissa so I asked her what flavor she thought she said hot chocolate cause Uncle Tim always makes us hot chocolate.So I asked what about spring it has to taste like something. My husband had walked in at that moment and he said FRIED CHICKEN of course ( I'm surprised he didn't say coffee ) okay honey where did that come from his reply I'm hungry and that's what I would like for dinner....
So for everyone who didn't know

Spring taste like - Fried Chicken
Summer- Pool water
Fall - Crisp apples
Winter - Hot chocolate
straight from the mouths of babes and 1 insane man.

What do you think the season's taste like?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday Weekend

Friday night - Oct. 2nd
Girls Night Out.
I had never been out clubbing with my 22 year old daughter Ashley before even though she has invited me countless times I've always said No I would stay at home and watch the grand kids. My oldest niece Tabetha and I would go out clubbing at least once a month. So Ash and Tab found out Chippendale's would be at a local nightclub and bought tickets to surprise me,knowing I would not say NO because they already bought the tickets.So I rush home from work, the girls are waiting so we can all get ready together.They had already been in my room picking out the clothes I would wear. Now it has been 10 years since I went to a nightclub and closed it down, 12 years since I've worn 4 inch heels, and believe me I paid for it the next day!!! OMG my feet hurt sooooooooo bad I could just kick myself for not wearing my Reebok's everywhere I looked I saw flip flops or sneakers and these girls were dressed really nice ( some in Vicky's Secret to my amazement ) but in the end I had allot of fun dancing and laughing.

Saturday Oct. 3rd-
My husband had to work today because oh yes he did not look at the calendar to see that my birthday was on Saturday and Oh yes I gave him grief ( but not much I'm still in Heaven over the ring he gave me for our Anniversary )
I decided to take it easy today, and since my girlfriends birthday is on the 4th we went to our favorite spot to celebrate BINGO. She will be 65 years young and me 38 ( Oh yes Becky 38 even though I will tell every one 25 hehehehe ) even though we didn't win anything it was still fun to be sitting ( my poor feet ) and sharing gifts, and laughing ( I hear laughing keeps you young I do it often ).

Sunday Oct. 4th
The End of the weekend.

My wonderful husband is cooking for me tonight. He kept the kids quiet so I could sleep in, planned dinner, and went grocery shopping.When I finally opened my eyes he had coffee for. We spent the day clearing out the gardens, laughing, and just enjoying each other. In case your wondering I had steak, baked potato ( with the works ), buttered carrots, and baked apples. My mom made me a DreamSicle cake.