Saturday, October 10, 2009

If Season's had a flavor, what would it be ?

I was relaxing after work the other day, talking to the kids and finding out how there day went when we got on the subject of seasons. I think I commented on how beautiful the trees looked outside. My 13 year old Karma said she loved fall it tasted like apples I said ummm okay, she replied no mom really if seasons had a flavor fall would taste like an apple it's crisp. My 7 year old Robert said he liked summer it tasted like the water in Grandma's swimming pool, so I said well honey if you didn't drink half the pool water I'm sure summer would taste different, his response was no I think your wrong mom of course I had to tell him MOMS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT ( I can't believe I said that ) the smile on my mom's face was blinding. My 4 year old niece Sierra was over and not to be left out she said When the white stuff falls ohhh winter you mean she replied that's what I said Aunt Lissa so I asked her what flavor she thought she said hot chocolate cause Uncle Tim always makes us hot chocolate.So I asked what about spring it has to taste like something. My husband had walked in at that moment and he said FRIED CHICKEN of course ( I'm surprised he didn't say coffee ) okay honey where did that come from his reply I'm hungry and that's what I would like for dinner....
So for everyone who didn't know

Spring taste like - Fried Chicken
Summer- Pool water
Fall - Crisp apples
Winter - Hot chocolate
straight from the mouths of babes and 1 insane man.

What do you think the season's taste like?


  1. HAHA! Fried Chicken....sounds like my hubby!

    Spring - Strawberrys
    Summer - Watermelon
    Fall - Apples or Pumpkins
    Winter - Coffee

    Those sound good to me.

  2. I love the fried chicken! That's hilarious!
    Here's my list this was kinda hard cause i associate more with smells, lol

    Spring: Sugar cookies
    Summer: Watermelon Sherbet
    Fall: Apple Cider (sweet and crisp with a little kick)
    Winter: red velvet cake, Rich, decadent and way to fattening!

    Have a good Sunday!

  3. I surprised Timmy doesn't think every season smells like coffee, LOL!

    Summer...charcoal burning
    Fall...apples and leaves
    Winter...pies baking
    Spring...crisp fresh dew

    And I love that you said "all moms are right" in front of Ms Banks:) Too funny!