Friday, November 13, 2009


This beautiful little girl is my 9 year old niece Sarah. Last Saturday ( Nov. 7th ) she had a very serious ATV accident. She went to stay all night with her friend on Friday, Saturday early afternoon the mom of the child took both Sarah and her daughter over to her mom's house. This woman ( I see red every time I think about it ) let her 7 year old daughter and my 9 year old niece ride an adult size ATV WITHOUT any protective gear or ADULT SUPERVISION while she sat on her butt visiting her mother. Of course being 9 and 7 this is way to cool. The girls had a wreck Sarah was thrown from the ATV which hit a wall and flipped onto the 7 year old Thank God the 7 year old did not get hurt worse than she did. ( She had a concussion ) When Sarah got thrown she landed in a nurses back yard. The nurse had her splinted and lying still by the time the life squad got their ,the mother of the child did not know they had been in an accident until she heard sirens and went to be nosy.Sarah on the other hand broke her leg in 3 places one of which is her growth plate, 3 bones in her foot they thought her hip was broke ( we found out later it was just bruised real bad ) fractures through out the leg, a five inch gash down her knee. After a 5 1/2 hour surgery 5 screws in her leg to hold the bones together she is finally in good spirits. The doctor will not know if her growth will be effected for another year since they had to take out a piece of her growth plate. She is now recuperating at her grandparents house with her mom. She goes on Thursday to get a hard cast at the moment they have it splinted. She'll need additional surgeries on her leg.
She was trying to be brave when I went to see her.

This cast goes up to the hip. Being as active as she is, it's hard for her to sit still.

The Hospital has pressed charges against the lady for child endangerment.



    Oh my...those pictures really show how badly she was hurt! Thank Goodness she is not hurt worse. And thank goodness she has an awesome Mom and Aunt that love her very much!!!

    Hang in there Sarah! We love you!

    Summer would love to play with you:) She just loves you to pieces!

  2. omg, I am so sorry to hear the horrible news!! I wish her the best, and all of you peace and support while she recovers.