Sunday, June 7, 2009

My First Assignment

My first assignment from my sister-in-law who has been helping me was to get some pictures up on my blog. How am I doing so far?
This is me and the my soul mate, It was Love at first site for me, ( it took him awhile and a swift kick in the back side to make him see the light.) just kidding he knew he loved me right after I told him he did!!

I love photo shop. This is our Forever picture.

This princesses is our granddaughter ( yes granddaughter, we've also got a 5 week old grandson ) So sweeeet!!!!! If she ever wants to do your MAKE- UP.............


My older girls left their make - up bag out and this is what happens when 2 yr. old LeiAnna is quite.


  1. Boy, does that last picture look like Ash;)

    You did great with your assignment! LOL! Soon, you will be so addicted, you will leave me in the dust:) Music too?? I am so impressed!!

  2. Your doing a great job on your blog. I love all the pictures. man that tiny little Karma.

  3. I love the blog and these pictures are wonderful!