Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet 3 more of my kids

Your probably thinking okay this girl has lost it, she has a picture of a tree when she's introducing her kids to us. Welllllllllll this is the tree that Cassie fell out of. Let me tell you the story of THE TREE. Cassie, James, Mercedes,( my kids ) and some of their friends was sitting on the back porch when William ( friend ) tells Cassie "I bet you can't climb that tree "( it did have lower limbs ) Cassie being Cassie said okay bet. Cassie goes down the hill into the creek and starts to climb the tree. She gets about 10 feet up when a her foot misses a limb and she falls out of the tree and rolls into the creek ( this tree is about 100 feet up and slanted ) she Lay's their about 3 minutes and starts army crawling up the hill ( every one was stunned ) I hear a piercing scream "OH MY GOD SHE'S DEAD" I come running out the door as Cassie makes it to the bottom of the hill. My Husband and I make sure nothing broke before we move her and carry her up the hill into the car and off to the hospital we go. Thank God all she got was a 4 inch gash in her leg 30 stitches ( 15 inside and 15 outside ). She was a very lucky girl.

This is Cassie Today she's 19 proud of her scar and very very GOOFY ( the fall might have done it... not ). Any time I'm feeling down I can count on Cassie to cheer me up!!
Waiting on prince charming.......

practicing her mean look ( IT'S NOT WORKING DEAR)

This is Mercedes she's our SERIOUS one. She just graduated High School and Turned 18.Besides being clumsy ( she tripped over a cotton ball ) She is our Vegetarian I'm not sure how she does it living in a house full of meat lover's. I'm so proud of her !!!

Not sure what look she's going for here. I wish I was that Skinny.

This is James I'm going to write a book about him. 17 year old not so bright about some things boy. You know its bad when the emergency room staff knows you by name. " don't ride the bike it has NOOOOOO brakes." ( 5 stitches to the head ) " don't ramp on the skate board " ( broken arm )" don't try and pierce anything ( both ears infected, 2 lip infections . Believe me I could go on... James is good at building things but he's a typical teenage boy just doesn't think before he does a lot of things!!

Handsome guy. I won't let him know that his head is big enough.
Well You've met 4 four of my kid's so far Karma 13, Cassie 19, Mercedes 18, and James 17 I've got four more to go. Being 3o something ( 37 actually ) your probably asking now how in the world does she have so many kids. My husband and I got custody of the first two of our eight ( Tabetha 27 and Sonya 25 still to come ) On Christmas Eve when Tabetha was 11 after her mom ( my sister ) left them and moved to a different part of the city ( drugs and the new husband was more important ) We raised them until they were both of age. Robert 7 still to come ( the same sister ) started another family got her house raided and the baby taken away ( we've had him since he was 18 months old. James, Cassie, and Mercedes we've had since James was 3 days old ( my brother's kids ) all I can say is Drugs can REALLY rip a family apart. Karma 13, ( still to come Ashley 21) our 2 girls have a lot of siblings we love and cherish all of them. It's been a hard road for the kids finding themselves ,asking why, crying at night, nightmares. We try and make up for their losses and show them the right way sometimes they fall off track but we pick them up again and start all over. Enough about me I hope you'll enjoy meeting our kids and seeing some of the crazy thing they do. I just wanted you to get to know them .

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  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures! I have seen the ones of Cassie, and she is gorgeous! But I have never seen those pictures of Mercedes!! Wow! She looks amazing!! (and yes James is handsome, but we're not letting him get a big head...right??) I think you should put their pictures all down the side bar with a mini descriptions of who they are-so people can keep track (it is kindof confusing to people who everyone is) like I did with my kids. You already have fantastic pictures of everyone!! So decorate your blog with them;)