Monday, July 6, 2009


These lovely ladies are the last 3 of my girls, Tabetha ( black ) Sonya (gold ) ( they are my sisters kids I raised ) and Ashley (pink)( Belongs to me) Tab 27 has recently started back in the nursing program ( after I had to threaten to disown her if she didn't ) has 3 beautiful children ( spawns of Chucky ) ha ha just kidding, and an it ( husband ) even though I raised her as my child she is also my best friend . Sonya 25 lives in Tennessee with her 2 kids and husband I don't get to see her much but she calls daily just to say hi. Ashley 21 ( will kill me when she See's the picture I have up of her ) I think she looks beautiful all pregnant and fluffy she still calls me Mommy and her dad Daddy which makes me feel really good because I still have my little girl even though she's a Mama now. All three of these girls have perfected rolling their eyes at me ( until I snatched them out, set them on the table )
These handsome guys are my son Robert and my husband Tim, Robert dances to a beat all his own, but he is a joy to have. I'm thankful that god found a way to bring him into our lives. I find myself telling Rob the same things I tell James our oldest boy. Rob if you touch that bee you will get stung, Rob don't eat worms that's gross ( his cousin Sarah talked him into that one ), Rob if you try and ramp that skate board your gonna get hurt ( 3 stitches ). But with all of that he still makes me laugh like when he asked me " Mom is bingo your job ? " Um mm no honey it's my hobby hehehe Tim just rolled his eyes at me. Now you've met all of my kids. Enjoy

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  1. Ashly IS gonna kill you for that picture. And just so ya know, I do NOT need any pregnant pictures of ME ever put on your blog....Thank you;)

    So Missy....I'm wondering why my smart little nephew thinks you play Bingo for a living??? Hmmmm.