Friday, July 31, 2009

A visit to old friends ( The E.R. Staff )

Well he's done it again, every summer since James was 2 we have made Oh about a million trips to the E.R. with him.
Age 2 - James please don't climb the China Hutch, something will fall down on you. 5 stitches to the head. ( I got rid of the hutch 2 days later )
Age 5 - James I know you just learned how to roller blade but do you think it's a good idea to do what the bigger boys are doing. fractured growth plate.
Age 10 -James stop opening and shutting the patio door, your gonna get hurt. Slammed fingers in door, 3 inch gash, lost finger nail, and 10 stitches.
Age 13 - James you can go to Mid Meadows at the park with your friends PLEASE DO NOT GET HURT !! rampimg skate boards at skate board area 2 broken fingers and wrist.
Age 17 - James went to his friends Graduation party on the 4th of July. Met a girl, showing off, look at me I can back flip. 2 fractured vertebrates in upper neck. 10 more gray hairs for me, blood pressure went through the roof.
Age 17 - 1 week later can I please go to my girlfriends family picnic I promise I'll sit there and won't do anything, I'll keep my brace on and her mom said she'll have me lay down at regular intervals. My answer NO. I was at work he asked his grandma her answer. Yes. Girl friends mom called I'm bringing James home he's not looking well. E.R. here we come. James and the girl snuck off and went horse back riding!!!! I was let's say angry for a nice word. He was very, very lucky he didn't re injure himself. So we went back to the doctors on Tuesday everything is healing up nicely, he can't wrestle, play basketball, or football this year ( yay !!! ) Don't get me wrong i like that he's into sports, but wrestling and football I can never watch my hands are over my face the entire time.
He's been to the E.R. so much the Xray techs nurses and doctors know him by name , I could go on forever about him and his trips to the E.R. . Girls are Sooooooooo much easier, I have a 7 year old Rob that well thinks James is cool. Lord Help me. It's true your kids drive a perfectly normal person INSANE !!
PS. I love all my kids and wouldn't trade them for the world, they are life's TRUE HAPPINESS

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