Sunday, July 26, 2009

I started out in photography working for a WELL known school portrait studio ( no experience required they would train )about 13 years ago little did I know I would fall in love with taking and making memories for people. The first camera besides a Polaroid I worked with was a Micro Z this was great for taking school pictures what could you mess up, the film was easy to load, and the backgrounds we had to set up were amazing this one weighed about 10 - 15 pounds. The second camera I worked with was a Camera Z,( these are the kinds you would see traveling around to different stores ) this camera weighed about 15 - 20 pounds to load the film you had to put the cartridge in a black bag ( so you wouldn't expose the film ) and work blind eventually I could do this in my sleep. I would eventually work with 35 mm and 120mm formats doing sport and dance pictures. My oldest girl Ashley ( if I could just nail her down to take pictures of her) bought me a Canon Rebel XSI in January just because( I was relly surprised and flattered )I've had my eye.Yeah great kid we haven't always seen eye to eye. Any who on Tuesday since I was off work my youngest girl wanted to hang out so I said great lets go to the park and grab a dress while your at it ( I was stashing my camera and tri-pod in the car ) of course she was like O kayyyyy your weird MOM( my kids made me that way ) when we get to the park I instantly start clicking .
Karma got bored pretty quick or should I say distracted... BOYS,BOYS, BOYS everywhere OMG this is the child that rarely paid attention to Satan Spawns ( also known as BOYS ) my baby has been sucked in to Oh he's cute blah, blah, blah I can't think on this to long my horns start to come out. You would think I would be use to this by now having raised 5 girls previously. I was hoping she wouldn't notice them until she was ummmm 100 or older
I have this one in color to, you can see the water shimmering on her are. yes I was standing in a creek while she was nice and dry on a fallen tree.

She loves to read so I thought why not take a picture with a book.

With this little guy, you have to snap the picture fast. He probably thinks the camera is part of my face. AJ 3 mo. old

It's hard getting the kids not to fight. I had to threaten to hog tie them. I'll do it I swear I will. the boys have a knack for turning picture day into a " Mom he's touching me, make him stop burping, gross who did that" ! Left to Right ( Mercedes ( head band ) 18 2008' graduate, Robert 7, Cassie 19, Karma 13, James 17

Karma and Robert my youngest it was a royal pain for Karma to take this picture, it's so funny to see those 2 together. He follows Karma around as much as she would follow the older girls around ( payback ).
Needless to say I had a lot of fun spending the day with mostly all of my kids taking pictures and just HANGIN OUT, now if I can get the other 3 to come over so I can get their pictures I can finally complete my wall.


  1. I love the 1st picture of Karma~and the one of her with the book.

    And of course little man there is looking handsome as ever! I know you are probably sick of hearing me saying this~but he looks so much like his daddy!!!

  2. Awesome pictures! The one where the young woman is reading is very nice and inspiring.

  3. Great pics! I'm inspired, I love taking them, love even more seeing good pics, but I only get a couple in a hundred that are ooooh worthy. :)