Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tim's Garden

I have been putting in 40 plus hours, and haven't really had time to spend in our garden ( not to mention the mother of all toothaches ) I noticed that all of my gardens ( flower, herb, veggie, pepper, strawberry, and potato ) were in need of a major weed pulling. I couldn't even begin to do that without my ice tea, so I grab a few sprigs of mint out of the herb garden and begin to pull weeds until I notice we not only have 2 pumpkins that are big but 5 with loads of female plants with bees all over them getting pollinated.So of course I grab the camera and my husband to show him. And of course he instantly starts naming all the wonderful things I can make with fresh pumpkin ( cookies, pies, bread, etc....) cold pumpkin soup he then looks at me with the worst face I've ever seen and screams " Have you lost your mind, why would you do that ! " My husband vegetable list consist of..... Can't think of one thing he likes. ( him and his sister used to hide vegetables under the table when they were younger)Part of the pumpkin patch. We put this at the back of the garden so the vines could trail down the hill ( NOT ) it's gone wild the vines are every where.
the first one to start turning orange

little baby one it weighs about a pound.

Peppers from the pepper garden. I used to grow about 10 different kinds, this year I only grew the 2 kinds ( jalapeno and hot banana ). Our tomato plants are loaded. I thought about canning but quickly dismissed the idea I'm feeling kinda lazy. So I've decided to start featuring recipes I've made with everything . So if anyone has any good ones pass them along.


  1. That garden is awesome, very fruitful. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  2. Umm...that was TIMMY that hid the vegtables under the table!

    Okay...maybe I did once or twice...or the smooth move of taking them to the bathroom in our napkin and flushing them down the toliet,lol! But I am notoriously known as the GOOD one on this topic and I want to keep it that way!

    What is wrong with your tooth??