Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Making Tim his pumpkin pie's

This year in our garden my husband Tim and I decided to try our hand at pumpkins. I promised him that if they grew i would make him pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving.And so the story begins the pumpkin vines took over our back yard. We got about 15 large pumpkins. The beginning of his pride and joy
You should really use pie pumpkins their about 8" round, with a sweeter taste, and not as stringy as Jack O Lantern pumpkins which is what we grew.

The first cut

the scooping

sectioned and bake for 1 hour

scoop out the baked pulp

Puree ( I used a blender instead of a food processor, the blender is now DEAD )I got 6 pies out of the white bowl, the rest I froze it'll last for a year.

Oh yeah I got LAZY, I used pre-made shells. it took 4 hours just to get from the cutting to the scooping.

The finished product. I let him eat one fresh from the oven he was a very happy boy!!!

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